Welcome to the TLM How To pages.

These pages will act as a general guide to the features on this site, as well as a more specific guide to users of the site. Depending on why you are here, you will find different sets of how to pages to help you.

What is TLM all about?

  • The original purpose was to provide qualifications in ICT that are of value to the learner, reduce costs for schools and colleges and reduce a lot of the tedious work associated with coursework assessment by using on-line systems. We are now using this proven model to extend to a wider range of qualifications.
  • TLM works with its international partners and local centres to provide a service to their learners. Each Centre has a Principal Assessor and perhaps other assessors who are accredited to assess learning in particular fields and at particular levels. Assessors request awards based on evidence against assessment criteria on behalf of their learners.
  • The bottom line is that to approve certification TLM needs to be sure that evidence is available that shows the learner meets the assessment criteria and that this is sufficient to provide confidence that the learning outcomes have been achieved for the particular unit being certificated.
  • The facilities provided here are to support the process of presenting evidence and providing certification. We hope to make life easier for our assessors, reducing costs and streamlining bureaucracy while supporting the involvement of the candidate in the assessment and learning processes. If you have a better way of providing evidence, or evidence exists already in a different format we will accept it. Contact your Account Manager.

What is the Baseline Testing all about?

The Baseline Testing system was set up by TLM in collaboration with NAACE in order to provide a measure of where students currently reside in terms of their understanding of the new Computing Curriculum. This is an excellent opportunity to find out the impact of teaching on a new qualification. The collected data will be available to all registered schools who use it and we expect there to be comparative data available for schools to compare their cohorts nationally and internationally.
Please refer to the Baseline Sections for more details.